SASLAuthD keeps dying.

simon.brady at simon.brady at
Tue Dec 31 21:04:42 EST 2002

On 29 Dec 2002, Oliver Jones wrote:

> I think it is the TLS support of pam_ldap that is causing the core
> dump.  I ran saslauthd in a debugger and it seg faulted in
> which is part of openssl.
> The interesting thing is that all my other pam related apps arn't
> dumping core or crashing and they are all using TLS to talk to the LDAP
> server via pam_ldap.  So it must be some interaction between pam, LDAP
> and saslauthd that is causing the issue.

This doesn't directly solve your problem, but have you considered dropping 
PAM and just using saslauthd's built-in ldap support? I'm running it in 
production (2.1.10) talking to ldap://localhost, and have tested it 
successfully with ldaps://remotehost. What does PAM-LDAP buy you that the 
native mechanism doesn't?

(Although as an aside, I strongly second Henrique's advice about checking
which libraries it's picking up: I sweated several hours over a different
saslauthd problem only to find that ldd told me the answer instantly.)

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