[Annoyed] Cyrus-imapd/sasl upgrade and lmtpd behaviour...

Scott Smith scott at lackluster.net
Tue Dec 31 22:51:12 EST 2002

huh...but I don't use Sendmail, so I never saw that :)

So yes maybe moving it to a different spot in the documentation and making
it a bit more generalized is a good idea, I agree.


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On Wed, 1 Jan 2003 simon.brady at otago.ac.nz wrote:

> On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Scott Smith wrote:
> > What you probably want to do is add your MTA to the same group as Cyrus,
> > at most.  [...]  Cyrus / SASL peeps, can you DOCUMENT this, since I
> > personally know of several people that have had this problem, including
> > myself when I upgraded from 1.5.x :)
> Not wanting to sound patronising, but doc/install-configure.html already
> says this:
>   * Edit /etc/group and add user "daemon" to the "mail" group. This
>     will permit sendmail to run the "deliver" (LMTP client) program to
>     deliver mail to the IMAP server.
> Mind you, it's under Sendmail 8.9.x - perhaps it need to be moved to an
> outer scope?
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