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You guys need to get on this fast.

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The next GOLD event will be a unique experience.  The Pittsburgh Curling
Club is having a “Learn to Curl” night on Monday, March 30th at 7:00PM.

Here's some quick information about the session:
- Where: RMU's Island Sports Center located on Neville Island
(Address: 7600 Grand Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15225. it's near I-79 exit 65)
- 2 hour session. (includes a short classroom portion, on-ice practice and
then a game!).
- Equipment: provided by the club at no charge, but bring clean running
shoes (NOT shoes with smooth bottoms, because they'll be too slippery!) and
bring lots of warm layered clothing (It's cold on the ice, even if it's warm
outside! Jeans are not recommended, lined-nylon pants or sweat pants are
better suited.)
- Waivers: All participants must sign waivers! (I can email our waiver form
in advance)
- There's plenty of spectator seating – so have your friends and family come
with their cameras!

This event will be free to GOLD members but will cost guests $10.00.  If you
are interested in coming please let me know ASAP because space is limited to


Jason Harchick

jason.harchick at gmail.com

Jesse Guss
201 W Ferndale Ave.
Sunnyvale CA 94085
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