[ECE PhiBar] Impromptu gathering this Saturday...'cause Katie's coming to town!

Luis G. Balceda lbalceda at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Feb 19 13:54:05 EST 2009

HAHAHAH wow.. that just happened. Made my day. 

Damn Katie, I knew you were the (wo)man but I didn't know you started ECE phibar... way to tell me =_=

> I like your choice of wording, Katie.  To which my email client replied:
> "Thunderbird thinks this message might be an email scam."
> On that note, you should all come out for carnival too!  I bet everyone 
> has projects and blahblah, but take some time off to visit the /Phi (Phi 
> Bar) then too.
> Eric
> Katie Menzies wrote:
>> Katie is using her official powers as a founding member of ECE PhiBar 
>> Wednesdays to call an unscheduled meeting this Saturday, Feb 21 at 10pm.
>> Spread the word!
>> What's this in honor of you ask?  Katie has been in work force for 
>> 8months and needs to remember her college roots.  Thus she quickly 
>> booked a ticket to Pittsburgh to see your fabulous selves!  As fellow 
>> ECE PhiBar members it is your privileged, nay your duty to come to PHI 
>> and imbibe with the girl herself this Saturday.
>> If you can't make it due to the short notice (sorry for sending this out
>> so late) then come visit her in her new digs...Sunny San Fransisco!
>> She'll be moving out there at the beginning of March and will be there
>> for 8months.  In fact yinz are all officially invited to come and crash
>> on her new futon.
>> Let's keep those collegiate juices following, 
>> Katie-talks-in-third-person-Menzies
>> P.S. -- I can't wait to see everyone!  Invite everyone you know! 
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