[ECE PhiBar] Impromptu gathering this Saturday...'cause Katie's coming to town!

Katie Menzies menzies.katie at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 09:24:36 EST 2009

Katie is using her official powers as a founding member of ECE PhiBar
Wednesdays to call an unscheduled meeting this Saturday, Feb 21 at
10pm.  Spread the word!

What's this in honor of you ask?  Katie has been in work force for
8months and needs to remember her college roots.  Thus she quickly
booked a ticket to Pittsburgh to see your fabulous selves!  As fellow
ECE PhiBar members it is your privileged, nay your duty to come to PHI
and imbibe with the girl herself this Saturday.

If you can't make it due to the short notice (sorry for sending this
out so late) then come visit her in her new digs...Sunny San
Fransisco!  She'll be moving out there at the beginning of March and
will be there for 8months.  In fact yinz are all officially invited to
come and crash on her new futon.

Let's keep those collegiate juices following,

P.S. -- I can't wait to see everyone!  Invite everyone you know!

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