[ECE PhiBar] Update and change

Sarah Hsieh syh at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Feb 4 17:04:35 EST 2009

Thanks Boris. Last time I make any suggestions to you.

Funny thing though. I don't even remember running into you 30 minutes ago.
Too durnk ot remmbe rit.


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So, some of our members were not able to adjust to this radical change. 
Namely, Sarah Hsieh, one of our head drinkers, known to frequent Phi Bar 
not only every Wednesday evening, but also most mornings as well, 
suggested we stop by Phi Bar at 10:00pm in order to figure out how many 
of us there really are, thus easing the transition to India Garden.

So, plan change: meet at Phi Bar at 10:00pm and then we will move to 
India Garden around 11:00pm to meet up with Heer and Dimitry.

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