[ECE PhiBar] A New Awakening

Eric Buehl ebuehl at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Sep 18 01:55:17 EDT 2008

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added blipchin at andrew.cmu.edu as a list administrator.  soar like drunk
bird, Boris!

Boris Lipchin wrote:
| absolutely not. We still have a healthy PhiBar presence on campus.
| Jesse Guss wrote:
|> Didn't everyone on this list graduate?
|> On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 4:59 PM, Boris Lipchin <lenorin at gmail.com
|> <mailto:lenorin at gmail.com>> wrote:
|>     Welcome to the new installment of ECE PhiBar Wednesdays. We are
|>     reinstating this noble age old tradition as of today, 9:30pm.
|>     we have decided to add some necessary caveats to refine and
|>     optimize the
|>     precious time spent at PhiBar. First of all, attendance to PhiBar
|>     hitherto will be absolutely punctual. Late comers will be greeted
|>     with a
|>     frown, practically empty pitcher, and an uncomfortable chair. Also,
|>     PhiBar nights have become far too noisy and fun, thus all talking and
|>     smiling is abolished. Consumption alcoholic beverages is currently
|>     under
|>     close scrutiny. Upon exiting PhiBar, you must present solutions to at
|>     least 5 differential equations that you solved in your head while
|>     sitting in silence at the table. These changes are for your own
|>     good and
|>     will make your life better and happier.
|>     Or we could all just get drunk.
|>     Cheers.
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