[ECE PhiBar] A New Awakening

Boris Lipchin lenorin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 19:59:59 EDT 2008

Welcome to the new installment of ECE PhiBar Wednesdays. We are 
reinstating this noble age old tradition as of today, 9:30pm. However, 
we have decided to add some necessary caveats to refine and optimize the 
precious time spent at PhiBar. First of all, attendance to PhiBar 
hitherto will be absolutely punctual. Late comers will be greeted with a 
frown, practically empty pitcher, and an uncomfortable chair. Also, 
PhiBar nights have become far too noisy and fun, thus all talking and 
smiling is abolished. Consumption alcoholic beverages is currently under 
close scrutiny. Upon exiting PhiBar, you must present solutions to at 
least 5 differential equations that you solved in your head while 
sitting in silence at the table. These changes are for your own good and 
will make your life better and happier.

Or we could all just get drunk.

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