[DANCE] Using LTI to enable pedagogical scripts and single sign-on for EdX

Stian Håklev shaklev at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 12:01:16 EST 2015

Hi everyone, I'm Stian Haklev, a PhD student in digital learning at
OISE/University of Toronto. I'm the data manager for UofT for both Coursera
and EdX, and involved in some research projects on learning analytics in
that regard. Together with team that includes my supervisor Jim Slotta, we
are planning a MOOC for this summer on inquiry for in-service teachers that
we hope will be much more interactive and collaborative/generative than the
typical xMOOC. Very excited to see this group, and the diversity of people

We were interested in how "scriptable" EdX is for our purposes. For
previous local courses, we have used wikis and discussion forums that all
have APIs, and scripts that let us create new pages, move information
around etc. As far as I know, EdX.org does not let us automatically manage
discussion forum threads, for example. However, using LTI and an
interstitial script, it seems like much of this can be done with external
tools. I posted a writeup and a demo here:

Going forwards it would be great to see some of this functionality
integrated into EdX, but this seems like a nice way of testing out new ways
of interacting.

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