to much syslogging by default

Dan White dwhite at
Wed Jan 28 13:52:27 EST 2015

On 01/28/15 17:51 +0100, Pavel Reichl wrote:
>On 01/27/2015 06:51 PM, Dan White wrote:
>>On 01/27/15 18:13 +0100, Pavel Reichl wrote:
>>>On 01/27/2015 05:38 PM, Dan White wrote:
>>>>>Would it be possible to change priority of this messages to 
>>>>>not be printed by default?
>>>>What is your configured log_level (if any), and what log level are you
>>>>logging at in your syslog config?
>>>Hello Dan,
>>>I'm not aware the we configure log_level, but if you give me a 
>>>hint what to grep for I'll check it.
>>>Actually we are using journal, but it seems that the level is 7.
>>log_level is a sasl option, and would be configured in the same place as
>>mech_list. For Cyrus IMAP, it would be sasl_log_level within
>>/etc/imapd.conf, or in a stand alone config file for most other servers.
>I don't think we use any kind of configuration file.
>We use SASL via openldap lib so I'm currently looking into its code to 
>see if they set it, or if we can set it through some openldap lib 

It's a file name slapd.conf, located in a sasl specific directory. You
should consult your OS's documentation for its location. /usr/lib/sasl2 and
/etc/sasl/ are two common locations.

>Anyway, I'm not sure it will help I looked again through SASL code and 
>if I understand the code correctly:
>1) setting debug_level has no effect
>2) there's no way how to use our own log callback
>Am I right?

I suspect you are right, as your analysis indicates.

If your goal is to reduce syslog output, use a syslog level lower than
auth.debug. libsasl2 expects you to only be doing so during debugging, as
discussed here:

Dan White

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