[patch] 2.1.25 GSSAPI client crash, NULL ptr dereference

Phil Pennock cyrus-sasl-phil at spodhuis.org
Thu Oct 6 23:32:49 EDT 2011


Upgraded Cyrus-SASL via FreeBSD ports from 2.1.23 to 2.1.25 and mutt
started seg-faulting on authentication to my (cyrus) IMAP server.

Rebuilt mutt, etc, confirmed the usual suspects, but every time, a crash

#0  0x000000080399e0c6 in sasl_gss_encode (context=0x802bfdc80, invec=Variable "invec" is not available.
) at gssapi.c:387
387		p[0] = (output_token->length>>24) & 0xFF;

p was always NULL.

Looked, and on a hunch tried a modification, attached as a patch; it
worked.  What I suspect is happening is that _plug_buf_alloc() can
change the value of text->encode_buf, which is why the API takes its
address; thus taking a copy of it and putting it in "p" beforehand is a

Unless p needs to be the original one, but since this patch works, I
suspect not.  But I'm not familiar with the code, so am not 100% sure.

I can believe that the behaviour and likelihood of realloc (or having a
NULL in the first place) depends upon the GSSAPI library implementation,
which might be why this hasn't shown up for others?  I'm using Heimdal

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