sasl auth against Active Directory

Geoff mxondebian at
Wed Mar 31 04:31:54 EDT 2010

Le 31/03/2010 05:03, Dan White a écrit :
> I was able to configure saslauthd to work against a Windows 2003 Standard
> [...]
> I had to play around a bit with an ldapsearch command to find out what
> Active Directory wanted for a dn:
> ldapsearch -x -H ldap:// -D Administrator at -w
> secret -b OU=Users,OU=BTC,dc=example,dc=com

Al right, thanks Dan, then I believe I am right with my settings in 
saslauthd. An ldap search is successful with these settings.

I'm wondering if the IT gave me the right access on AD...
The ldap search is not returning any userPassword or unicodePwd field 
(AD equivalent of ldap userPassword as I found on the web).

Should an ldap search return one of these field if I had sufficient access?


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