multiple calls to canonuser-plugin?

Lars Duesing lars.duesing at
Fri Mar 19 01:03:52 EDT 2010

Hi List,

I am programming a sql canonuser-plugin. In short it does a sql-statement
(SELECT main_account FROM accounts WHERE address='%s')

This plugin is to be used in cyrus-imap. 

All my code works fine. But: the canonuser-plugin is called multiple times
within the same context.

For instance:



main_account                  address

webmaster at test.local lars at test.local

lars at test.local                  webmaster at anywhere.local


my code does (at the moment!) only one select statement, but is called

When I ask for webmaster at anywhere.local sasl sends webmaster at t - because the
length given back is the length from the first select.

My problem is it seems like the code is called twice at the same time.

Is this a problem of sasl or of imap?






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