cyrus-sasl multiple realms using digest-md5 not work

Jack Li jackli7312 at
Thu Jul 30 05:18:05 EDT 2009

hi all,
i've got a problem with the sasl authentication using digest-md5 and
multiple realms with my openldapServer 2.4.16 (fc9).
i want to be able to authenticate against different subtrees of the dit
by using different realms and i was reading as many documentation,
howtos and so on as i was able to find at the net for at least the last
7 days. i don't get it running...!
currently, for testing, i use two different realms:   (o=home,dc=mydit,dc=lan) (o=test,dc=mydit,dc=lan)
in the slapd.conf i added:
 # sasl-realm
as you can see, the sasl-realm parameter is commented.
whether or not i comment or uncomment it, it does not work.
(actualy it works, but only either for the default realm or through the
last sasl-regexp
if i set it, all authentication attemps are of the format:
if i do not set it, all authentication is done using:
i realy tried a lot, e.g.:
(things like -h, ... are covered by the ldap.conf)
 - ldapwhoami -U XY -R
 - ldapwhoami -U XY at
 - ldapsearch -U XY -R
 - ldap...
of course all of those test where performed with different -R, ...
i realy do not know what to do anymore, i've got no more ideas...
also what i do not understand is whether or not this is a problem with
my cyrus-sasl installation, but i cannot imagine that. i guess i'm
missing something but i don't know what.
Please help.


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