cyrus-sasl setting PAM_AUTHTOK in PAM?

David van Geest davidv at
Wed Jul 29 15:35:58 EDT 2009


I'm trying to understand how cyrus-sasl interacts with PAM.  I'm working 
on a PAM module that needs to read the password given to SASL.  I can 
read the username fine using pam_get_item(pam->ptr,PAM_USER,&c_item), 
but when I try it with PAM_AUTHTOK my c_item is still null...  So before 
I get too deep I want to make sure that what I'm trying to get even exists.

Once cyrus-sasl has the password, does it set PAM_AUTHTOK?


David van Geest
Software Engineer
SpinDance, Inc. <>
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