postfix + cyrus-sasl + PAM + pam_ruby

Sean O'Malley omalleys at
Thu Jul 23 12:06:11 EDT 2009

On Thu, 23 Jul 2009, David van Geest wrote:

> pam_ruby apparently doesn't support the debug argument, I get no more
> logging than I did before and hunting through the module source I see no
> mention of any debug functionality.

> Changed my /etc/pam.d/smtp to the following:
> #%PAM-1.0
> auth       required     /lib/security/
> /lib/security/ruby/simple2.rb /tmp/passwd debug
> account    required debug
> password   required debug
> session    required debug
> I stopped the saslauthd service and ran saslauthd, then tried
> "testsaslauthd -u test -p testpass -r";234" -s smtp".  Here's

It might not support debug. I dunno never used pam_ruby. But then i would
take the debug flag out. :P

Take out the -r ",234" line out of your testsaslauthd line. It
is probably tacking that on to the end of you username and causing issues.
i was testing something else with it. it came from my documentation.

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  Michigan State University

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