Next release of CMU SASL - update

Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Wed Apr 8 15:12:48 EDT 2009

* Alexey Melnikov <alexey.melnikov at>:
> The date is approaching and I don't think we are quite ready. In order  
> to keep things moving I will do weekly status reports with the list of  
> bugs/issues I still need to look at. Here is my current list (in no  
> particular order):
> 1). Remove extra (unused) mutex in libsasl
> 2). Merge my utils/pluginviewer.c changes
> 3). Investigate global callback updating in subsequent  
> sasl_server_init() calls
> 4). Commit SQLite3 configure change. Test SQLite3 plugin.
> 5). Remove use of obsolete cmusasl... attributes
> 6). Strip trailing spaces from options during server configuration loading
> 7). Investigate fix for bug # 2822 (OTP does not work with prompts)
> 8). Review patch for bug # 3134 (Improved error reporting from  
> auth_getpwent)
> 9). MacOS dlopen.c change (+ the libtool change?)
> 10). Merge Debian bugfixes

I stumbled over this a while ago and believe this should work differently:

Consider this:
mumble.conf in /usr/lib/sasl2/ and /etc/sasl/.

Currently, if mumble.conf is found in /usr/lib/sasl2/ it will be used instead
of /etc/sasl/.

I believe it should it be the other way around. If mumble.conf is found in
/etc/sasl/ it takes precedence over /usr/lib/sasl2/mumble.conf.
/usr/lib/sasl2/, to me, is the (old) default and fallback dir.

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