Cyrus SASL SQL options

Andreas Winkelmann ml at
Fri Jun 30 06:51:35 EDT 2006

Am Friday 30 June 2006 08:43 schrieb Berger, Stefan (IT - Management):

> TOP-Post?

> So, when there are so many possibilities, can someone post one or two of
> them?

> >> sasl_sql_select: SELECT password FROM mailusers WHERE account = '%u@%r'
> >>
> >> table mailusers containd all valid email accountss but now i have
> >> 2,3,4,5 tables with email accounts. so can i make 2,3,4,5 sas_sql_select
> >> entries?

(SELECT password FROM mailusers1 WHERE account = '%u@%r')
(SELECT password FROM mailusers2 WHERE account = '%u@%r')
(SELECT password FROM mailusers3 WHERE account = '%u@%r')

For example. One Line behind sql_select of course.

> > Look for union or views or maybe stored procedures.

Or Create a View and query the View.

CREATE VIEW allmailusers AS 
	(SELECT account, password FROM mailusers1)
	(SELECT account, password FROM mailusers2)
	(SELECT account, password FROM mailusers3);

sql_select: SELECT password FROM allmailusers WHERE account = '%u@%r'

Availability depends on your MySQL-Version and on your Tables of course.


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