AUTH failure (LOGIN): no mechanism available (-4) SASL(-4): nomechanism available: checkpass failed, finaly solved.

fredrik.pettai at fredrik.pettai at
Thu Jun 15 03:47:50 EDT 2006

Running "saslpasswd2 user", failed after giving the password for the
user. So, I trussed saslpasswd2 to see why.

The problem was that saslpasswd2 was trying to access the database
/opt/csw/etc/sasldb2. Unfortunately, this file already existed, but was
a directory created by the Blastwave CSWsasl package.

Removing the dir, and rerunning the saslpasswd2 command, created the
database ok, and after that authentication worked.

I'll currently using the stable bransh:

CSWsasl, VERSION: 2.1.21,REV=2005.09.07 PSTAMP: apollo20051001155250
CSWsaslauthd, VERSION: 2.1.21, PSTAMP: apollo20050605181640


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