Sendmail/SASL2/saslauthd/FreeBSD problem

Derek Ragona derek at
Sun Jun 11 18:12:14 EDT 2006

This combination requires a few things.  First you need to build sendmail 
for sasl2, you can do this using sendmail flags in /etc/make.conf or build 
sendmail from source.

Also need to build sasl2.

Once those are done and installed, you need to be sure your sendmail .cf 
files are set for sasl too.

I populate the sasl2 database and authenticate against it, not the system 
passwd file.


At 11:16 AM 6/11/2006, Rob Szarka wrote:

>I'm trying to configure sendmail to authenticate against the system 
>password file for SMTP using the FreeBSD ports collection and having a 
>heck of a time with it. saslauthd works great when tested with 
>testsaslauthd (testsaslauthd -s smtp  -u XXXXX -p XXXXX returns Success), 
>but when testing by hand with the same account through sendmail (with the 
>same bare username, no realm), I get the following error:
>saslauthd[38367]: do_auth : auth failure: [user=XXXXXXX] [service=smtp] 
>[realm=] [mech=pam] [reason=PAM auth error]
> From the other side, I see sendmail offering "250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN" (what 
> I want) in the ESTMP session and doing the auth login prompting, but then 
> returning "535 5.7.0 authentication failed" in response to the base64-ed 
> username and password.
>Can anyone shed light on this? Here's my configuration:
>FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE #1
>Sendmail 8.13.6/8.13.6 (installed via mail/sendmail-sasl compiled against 
>an earlier install of security/cyrus-sasl2 -- I can see it passing the 
>"-DSASL=2" during make)
>/usr/local/lib/sasl2/Sendmail.conf has "pwcheck_method: saslauthd" and, 
>I'm assuming from the error message, sendmail is actually calling it.
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