meeting minutes, 2020-09-28

Ricardo Signes rjbs at
Mon Sep 28 07:17:08 EDT 2020

Very short call today!


 * bron
   * in the process of opening a PR to always run squatter in batch mode whether rolling or not
   * previously, without doing indexing in chunks, users could get stuck on indexing all mail and back up replication!
   * possibly we’re seeing squatter failing to index some messages; have had >0 reports of “search has no results”; one possibility, is that we’ve got a bug in the http-based append code, so it’s affecting dav and jmap moves?  (no synclog append/user?)
   * got a PR in flight to reduce how often we do a crc32, to avoid CPU load
 * murch
   * last week mostly jmap sieve (implemented query!)
   * Thu/Fri: memory leak squashing!
   * handling of STATUS:CANCELLED itip was busted and has been fixed; this affected both itip generation and itip reply processing [*rjbs: *this was a fun one]
   * have added a new argument to Backup/restore* to crank up log level per-call to see why a restore might be failing
 * ellie
   * been doing housekeeping work
   * next v3.2 release notes are ready, just pending a last run-through of low-hanging pending issues to fix
 * rjbs
   * not much Cyrus to report!
   * expect some planning of upcoming 2021 projects soon


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