meeting minutes, 2020-09-14

Ricardo Signes rjbs at
Mon Sep 14 09:44:30 EDT 2020


 * ellie
   * xsyslog is now merged!
     * please get into a habit of using it in new code.  there’s some examples in b9191eeb09
     * if fm ops notices specific log outputs they want fixed they can throw them at ellie
     * will continue to chip away at converting existing ones as time/motivation permits
   * mbname_from_foo() constructor APIs (esp mbname_from_userid()) should work harder to only produce valid mbname objects?  mbname_from_intname() and mbname_from_extname() look fairly thorough, but mbname_from_userid() is especially naive, causing #3169.  i haven’t looked at the others (if there are others).
   * Australia will be back in DST again in a few weeks, so we should start thinking about when to flip the meeting time to the other end of the day
   * added a new makefile target to run each cunit test individually (instead of along with all others) and found 55 tests that don’t run on their own, mostly due to the same leaky abstraction
     * imapd.conf contents were being generated, but not every test that relied on those did the generation, so they passed because an earlier test did
     * some mbox name tests remain to fix, though (?)
   * custom annotation definitions: are specified case-insensitive, but we load them case-sensitively — would be easy to fix, but a comment suggests that our DAV annotations are case-sensitive.  Q:  Do we need *custom* DAV annotations?
 * brong
   * working on compaction stuff
   * first pass of synchronous replication is done!  needs testing, but maybe this week can go onto unstable testing stores
   * MR called “debug syslog lock ordering”, keeps ptr atr of open locks; the bookkeeping has been a mess because a bunch of code just closes the fd, not an explicit lock destroy
     * [ some discussion of how we can improve this and track locks better ]
   * fix search code path to better eliminate items in non-mail folders
 * rsto
   * AFL has detected an httpd crasher! \o/
   * ran fuzzer for 11d against the httpd, didn’t find any other crashers
   * may turn fuzzer back to other components, or maybe update its dictionary for better-targeted attack
   * JMAP calendars work still happening on the side
   * “I’d like to return to the coverage report.”
     * have found a few places that are clearly under-tested
     * the rest of us should give it a look to see what else looks insufficiently tested
     * also: can we run an instrumented-for-code-path-entry Cyrus on a used-but-not-for-customers branch to gather more real-world usage?  Answer:  yes, probably, but there are some owner/mode shenanigans to make it all work
 * murch
   * spent a bunch of time on JMAP Sieve script code, mostly the testing code
     * there have been some memory management issues with ownership of strings

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