meeting minutes, 2020-08-31

ellie timoney ellie at
Thu Sep 10 20:07:10 EDT 2020

Hi Quanah,

> Is someone able to answer as to what the process should be for accepting 
> merges?  I'd like to be able to move forward on cyrus-sasl development. :)

I'm not really sure, but maybe this is something we can all chat about and figure something out.  Are you able to join one of our weekly conference calls?  The zoom link is here:

Not sure what timezone you're in, but we usually flip to the other end of the day around mid-late October (once AU/US switch their respective DST's).  I'm not currently sure what date we'll be switching over, but it's not far away now.  So maybe if the current meeting time is unsuitable for you, the AU summer/US winter time might be more workable?



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