meeting minutes, 2020-08-31

Ricardo Signes rjbs at
Tue Sep 1 15:56:01 EDT 2020

Here are the minutes of our (fairly short) call from this week.

 * rsto
   * fixed sieve/jmapquery issue with stray CR characters
   * ran both afl and hongfuzz fuzzers for approx.
     * 10 CPU days for
       * jansson
       * libical
       * mime parser in Cyrus (message.c)
     * no crashers found, so it looks like no super-low hanging fruits (good!)
     * issue is with getting fuzzers find relevant edges:
       * either brute-force with lots of CPUs and long time horizon (>=weeks)
       * and/or see if we can nudge edge detection further
       * rjbs to contact a successful fuzzer of Perl about AFL fuzzing tips
       * rsto:  We likely need more human labor.
   * updated Mailbox/set to handle role updates:
     * all new and regression tests pass.
     * will start review next week after code cleanup
 * brong
   * Distracted by IETF politics
   * sync replication: haven’t touched it
   * xapian reindex: grr.  Going to write to temp_path for a bunch of records and then compact to temp path again.
   * skip_domains: reviewed, will merge soon
   * added bespoke method UserCounters/get; this lets us avoid IMAP connections from middleware when sending startup event on EventSource connection
 * ellie
   * rjbs *does* owe her a list of error messages at the top of to-reformat-to-new-format
   * new 3.2 release!
   * working through some GitHub issues
   * qsort_r BSD compat may soon be better-solved
     * all the time, we’ve had a macro adjusting for argument ordering plus a function for platforms without qsort_r … but we didn’t compile out the fallback  fn, so our macros always called *that! *and then on BSD, the macros changed the order of args, but then called our other-arg-ordered internal implementation
     * this means all our builds will start using platform-supplied qsort_r, which could expose some surprises
     * “It’s been fun.”
 * murch
   * bulk of last week: writing/rewriting code to transform quota db to use id instead of name … and deciding it wasn’t really worth it, given the amount of code that would then also be rewritten
     * murch: “I think I convinced Bron that the right thing is to leave it as-is.”
     * brong: “Yup.”
   * some new bug in uuidmailboxes has turned up; maybe an uninitialized return(?)
   * JMAP Sieve draft should get an update this week
     * rjbs to provide some feedback [*rjbs: hey I just did that!*]
 * rjbs
   * will soon be moving Cyrus mailing lists
   * *gotta* get build of jmap-calendar cyrus this week!
   * CalDAVTalk and jscalendar: should not be a conflict, right?
     * brong: Right.
     * [ some discussion about how this affects Cassandane because of multivalue rrules ]

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