minutes, Cyrus call 2020-05-18

Ricardo Signes rjbs at fastmailteam.com
Mon May 18 20:25:35 EDT 2020

Today (2020-05-18 🇺🇸) in attendance: Bron, Ellie, Ken, Rik, Robert

 * Doing some work on the Backup/restore* APIs
 * Draft restore performance has been poor, because we’re tracking by message-id
 * We think we can get a reasonable approximation by looking in the same thread.
 * Ken still needs to do restoration of parent mailboxes. Mailboxes don't currently have the mailboxId of their parent, so when restored can't detect a rename of their former parent. We could make mailboxes record retain parentid in UUID mailboxes, but it’s not there now. Maybe after the new layout code lands…

 * The last week was spent mostly on Xapian work
 * Priority moved from working on finishing work on attachment indexing work toward making it possible to perform a reindex of all users
 * Removed experimental Xapian features from the main branch.
 * Fixed small bugs with Quota.
 * Issue with Xapian - right now the in-memory backend is slow - better solution is index to disk at temp_path and make that a tmpfs. Need to instruct people that it should be on a tmpfs.
 * We discussed whether to do a separate config option or to just use temp_path.
 * [ rjbs: I believe the conclusion was that one option is *probably* fine, but I'm not sure it was firmly concluded ]

 * Mostly been working through fixing the bugs from 3.2.0. Hoping to do 3.2.1 later this week or early next week.

 * not a whole lot this week
 * made http_ws do session_new_id() between calls
 * Might be adding some pushes

 * also pretty light; hoping to send out notes on proposed new merge policy for master branch soon

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