run-time dependencies

ellie timoney ellie at
Thu Jun 4 21:09:55 EDT 2020

The build-time dependencies are listed on the Compiling page under the "Developers only" heading:

Additionally, these dependencies are only required when building from git sources.  In our official release files (with filename like cyrus-imapd-[version].tar.gz), the files they are needed for are pre-built and included in the package, and therefore these dependencies are generally not needed.

You can safely assume that every other dependency is both build-time AND run-time. :)



On Wed, Jun 3, 2020, at 5:48 PM, Anatoli wrote:
> Cyrus developers,
> I couldn't find in the documentation the *run-time* dependencies for
> cyrus-imapd.
> In particular, are any of these not required to be present for the
> correct execution of cyrus-imapd (with --enable-http)?
> pcre e2fsprogs/uuid jansson sqlite3 icu4c libical nghttpd2 brotli wslay
> Thanks,
> Anatoli

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