Two communication channels

Дилян Палаузов dilyan.palauzov at
Thu Jun 4 08:19:20 EDT 2020


for Cyrus Imap there are now two communication channels:
cyrus-devel at and .  Based on what
criteria shall one use the one or the other channel, to get the things
tackled with higher probability?

Yesterday there were questions on cyrus-devel concerning the role of
pcre and zeroskip.

The dependency on pcre is discussed at : as far as I
remember pcre is supposed to be used for UTF-8.

The zeroskip state is discussed at

I propose that somebody unifies these comminication channels, e.g. by
posting everything from github to cyrus-devel or alike.  This will lead
to some limited extend avoiding discussing the same thing on github and
on cyrus-devel.

Opinions welcome.


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