configure: wslay v1.1.1 required but the latest one is 1.1.0

Anatoli me at
Wed Jun 3 00:13:25 EDT 2020

Cyrus developers,

The configure script checks for wslay lib version 1.1.1, but the latest version released is 1.1.0. So when it is installed, it reports:

checking for WSLAY... no
configure: httpd will not have support for WebSockets.  Consider installing libwslay

The wslay's github repo has a mention of a 1.1.1-DEV version. Not sure if cyrus-imapd httpd requires something from it or if it was just a typo and 1.1.0 is ok.

For the later case below is a patch.


diff --git a/ b/
index dc0e0fff2..30e925c60 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -1631,7 +1631,7 @@ dnl                AC_MSG_WARN([Your version of OpenDKIM can not support iSchedu

         AC_ARG_WITH(wslay, [AS_HELP_STRING([--without-wslay], [disable WebSockets support (check)])],,[with_wslay="check"])
         if test "x$with_wslay" = "xyes" -o "x$with_wslay" = "xcheck"; then
-                PKG_CHECK_MODULES([WSLAY], [libwslay >= 1.1.1], [
+                PKG_CHECK_MODULES([WSLAY], [libwslay >= 1.1.0], [
                                 [Build WebSockets support into httpd?])

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