meeting minutes, 2020-08-17

Ricardo Signes rjbs at
Mon Aug 17 09:40:21 EDT 2020

On Mon, Aug 17, 2020, at 09:21, Ricardo Signes wrote:
>  * discuss upgrading mailboxes.db for UUID mailboxes - specifically multiple mailboxes with same UID
>    * [discussion to be noted by Ken]

   * the current code to update existing mailboxes.db to the new form (N, I, A records) processs records in order by name and creates I (uniqueid) records accordingly
   * however, this means that if multiple mailbox nbames correspond to the same uniqueid (e.g. in the case of a rename - current name plus tombstone), the I record will point to the last name record alphabetically
   * so, if I rename mailbox zzz to aaa, the I record will end up point to the zzz tombstone
   * the solution will be to to create a hash of uniqueid → name(s) and create/update N and I records in the proper modseq/timestamp order

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