Prepending Xapian Tiers

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thanks, Bron, for your answer.

I gave it a try.

squatter does not remove .NEW directories when aborted (SIGINT), the  
directories have to be removed manually

squatter -t X -z X -o recognizes, when the directory structure behind  
tier X exists, that nothing has to be done, prints “Skipping X for  
user.ABC, only one” and quits, without updating the .xapianactive files.

squatter -t Y -z Y -o, when the directory structructure behind tier Y  
does not exist, prints “compressing Y:1,Y:0 to Y:2 for user... (active  
Y:1,Y:0)”.  As far as I remember this has not updated the xapianactive  

squatter -t X -z Y -o does add to the .xapianactive files the  
defaultsearhtier, but first has to duplicate with rsync all existing  
files.  This takes a while…  But at the end did what I wanted.   
Afterwards the directory structure for the new tier was not created.   
The directory structure was created once I started all the cyrus  
processes again.

squatter -t X -z Y -o emits the message “undefined search partition  
X,Ysearchpartition-default” and then “compressing X:0,X,Y:0 to Y:2 for  
... (active Y:0,X:0,X,Y:0,Y:1)”.

Does squatter -t X -z Y append X to Y, or it deletes Y and copies X to  
Y?  In the latter case, is there any (performance) difference between  
"squatter -t X,Y -z Y" and “squatter -t Y,X -z Y”?

Can one xapian tier store a document, and another tier store the  
information, that the address of the document has changed?


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> On Fri, May 17, 2019, at 23:52, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I set up a Cyrus system with one tier. I think it works. The  
>> .xapianactive files contain 'tiername: 0'.
>> How can I insert a second tier?
> I have never tried this on a live server! Clearly the right thing to  
> do is to build a cassandane search which implements doing this so  
> that we can make sure it works.
>> Adding a XYZsearchpartition-default to imapd.conf, together with  
>> defaultsearchtier: XYZ does not utilize the new directory: it stays  
>> empty and the .xapianactive files do not get updated to mention the  
>> new tier.
> That looks like it should work. I assume you have restarted your  
> cyrus since making the change? I'm not certain that a rolling  
> squatter will discover a new config in the way that imapd does.
> Also - you'll need to run squatter in compact mode in order to add a  
> new xapianactive entry. The simplest could be:
> squatter -z tiername -t tiername -o
> I believe that given your current setup, this will just copy the  
> entry from tiername:0 to tirename:1 and also create XYZ:0 in the  
> xapianactive file at the same time.
>> Besides, if a message is MOVEd over IMAP, is any optimization  
>> utilized, to avoid reindexing the message, but just change the  
>> address of the document?
> Yes, both XAPINDEXED mode where the GUID is read from xapian, and  
> CONVINDEXED mode where the GUID is looked up via user.conversations  
> and then mapped into the cyrus.indexed.db files in each xapian tier  
> allow Xapian to skip reindexing when a message is already indexed.  
> This works for both MOVE and for re-uploading of an identical  
> message file via IMAP.
> Cheers,
> Bron.
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