Notes 24 June

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jun 24 07:45:21 EDT 2019

* Spend last week pottering around with rebase of uuidmailbox work.
* Also working on libical
* Last week issue with broken libicu, now crashing on invalid data when before it ignored it.
 - might patch around it in Cyruslibs version of libicu.

* Cyrus work:
 - some of the Xapian stuff would be good to test with older index db formats.
 - It would be good to run tests with two different binaries, one to create old-style data and the other one to see that things still work!
 - this would be a good general thing, both for replication and for our own testing!
 - The Xapian issues in the last little while would have been found if we had legacy version testing.
* Query normalisation for contact groups - may need to cache.
* JSCalendar and JSContact drafts!
 - JSCalendar unlikely to finish by the end of the week, so Bron to take on pushing it from here.
 - JSContact - will only be an interim draft, so will continue when back.
* Will be bringing Cyrus up to date with JSCalendar - should we bring it up to date on master first, or wait until approved?

* Wrote an email about SINCE_* keys in replication and replication cache.
* Have shipped SINCE_* to FM production, working fine.
* Next steps are exciting, but can't work on that just yet!

* not sure if Cassandane is the right vehicle for general multiple version support
* spent some time with imaptest this week and has opened an issue with their github
 - working on integrating the non-scripted benchmark/race condition searching tests.

Times with Robert away - we'll stick with this time for now, it's still working for everyone!

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