Notes 29/1/2019

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jan 28 17:45:41 EST 2019

Present: Ken, Bron, Robert, Partha, ellie

* was in Philly last week, so did very little Cyrus programming
* found some bugs in scheduling code

* Had a short week last week
* Working on rewriting cyrus.indexed.db for Xapian to use mailbox uuids rather than names - Bron to review
* Tested locally and on fastmailtest.
* When cyrus.indexed.db is read, is migrated on the fly.
 - will test to see if the indexed.db is read for search, or only in squatter.
* Had to update a cassandane test built on internal format of indexed.db
* tested revert on
* to finish, needs UUID changes to conversations.db to land.
* will land it along with Ken's storage by UUID patches.
* also: updated JMAP Mailbox/set to update subscriptions DB.
* working on Xapian multilingual feature - hope to have a demo this week.
 - do we want to support i;unicode-casemap ?
 - suspect we'll discover that no clients use this
* either way, may need to change uni2searchform to support multilingual correctly.
* also the snippet generator needs to know which language was matched to correctly identify snippets.
* maybe persist detected languages as an annotation?

* will have a look at the i;unicode-casemap algorithm.
* hit calendar-address-set bugs

* fixed ACL creation bug in children of INTERMEDIATE folders
* fixed readonly conversations DB issue with XCONV commands because expunge wants to write

* ongoing hosting and relicensing discussion
* been doing mailing list discussions
* updated build environment to use cyruslibs and now testing against zeroskip

Cyrus needs a way to translate from username to identities.
* a lookup that does userid -> email address or email address -> "who does this belong to".
* is this user local on this server?
 - for free-busy queries, need a different lookup that returns "is this user in the same customer as me".
* ptloader and ldap support for group RACLs already works
* maybe implement a redis protocol cyrusdb backend and redis protocol server in postfixlookup at FastMail or whatever

Next week Robert, Bron and Ken will be in Zurich, so we won't be having an online meeting next week.

 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
 brong at

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