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--On 7. Januar 2019 um 14:51:02 +0100 Egoitz Aurrekoetxea 
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> This seems to take ages...

why don't you run it for a single account first, to make sure that it 
actually helps?

>I'm trying to figure the best way of
> implementing this and of clarifying concepts.... I'm running Squatter in
> rolling replication mode and exist the concept of conversations then.
> What is the exact role of each of them?. Squatter seems to index the
> mailbox but when something is not properly indexed instead of running
> Squatter you use ctl_conversations for reindexing some part again or...

squatter is nowadays a bit of a misnomer, because it uses whatever index 
you have configured. In cyrus 2.4, squatter would always create a SQUAT 
index. When you run squatter with Xapian, it will build the index, but for 
the index to actually work, you also need the conversationsdb. squatter 
does not touch the conversationsdb! The index is only a pointer to the 
conversationsdb, not to actual messages.

Robert can probably explain this much better than me, but I think the 
problem is the following:

• when you have conversations enabled in imapd.conf, normal deliveries to 
the mailboxes (e.g. using lmtpd) will update the conversationsdb

• syncing (at least using the "old" mechanism, not sure about sync 
between instances running 3.0)  does *not* update the conversationsdb

Once you have a running 3.0 server, you probably won't need to run 
ctl_conversationsdb ever again. But when you are at the stage of syncing 
mail from 2.4 to 3.0, you *will* need to rebuild each user's conversationdb 
at least once, after you have finished with syncing that user.

Again, this is all based on my understanding and not an official answer.

> El 07-01-2019 10:19, Sebastian Hagedorn escribió:
>> That sounds like the conversationsdb issue I was talking about. Have you
>> tried these steps?
>> ctl_conversationsdb -z USER
>> ctl_conversationsdb -b USER

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