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Mon Feb 11 17:41:19 EST 2019

Present: Bron, Ken, Robert, ellie

* last week at CalConnect
* fixed issue with Windows TZ names - used existing code in ICU
* fixed bug with Outlook truncated timezones - made our code not truncate existing RRULE by sliding start-date forward
* did some reorg towards implementing shareWith for /set
* new:
 - maybe 40-50% done with shareWith work
 - then back to mailbox path by ID on-the-fly upgrade work
 - confident that what's there now will work on a new system!
 - but first: drafts for calext!
 (at least managed attachments before IETF)

* fixed issue with G keys not being created on replicas if messages added without CID, breaking search.
* went to Fosdem - key notes are:
 - spoke about JMAP. Plenty of interest, including some people from Dovecot who are keen to implement JMAP but busy, so can't promise exactly when
 - went to a session on fsync in Postgresql. We should make our code just die on failed fsync as well, that way we'll clean up properly.
 - dinner with Perl people
 - went to Dovecot's Chat Over IMAP presentation - it's actually pretty cool. Just a couple of email headers and then layers on top to make the chat experience good. I like it. Suggested the should bring it to IETF EXTRA.
* Then CalConnect:
 - I hacked on a new module, Text::JSCalendar, which is just the conversion parts of JSCalendar. I'll change Net::CalDAVTalk to use it.
 - new member Alex does an Outlook connector for CalDAV and is based in Vienna, will catch up next week.
 - timezones - ongoing problems with naming. ISO interested in being clearinghouse for country-owned names. IANA already do central DB. Need to find a home for a tzdist service now it's standard.
 - IETF work - I did a presentation about why to keep bringing work to IETF.
 - enumerated existing half-done drafts and proposed to bring most of them through - I suggested just submitting them all at IETF then we can choose to progress them as interest applies, but at least the process is started.
 - JSCalendar - a few points were raised, Robert is working on finishing them into the doc.
 - I'm keen to find another person or two from non-FastMail who can join me at IETF and maybe take the mantle at some point in the future. Succession planning!
 - next CalConnect in Bedford in June, then FM hosting in Philly in October. Hopefully Apple in the bay area next Jan/Feb.

* fixed a couple of bugs in the JMAP ical layer last week
* updated parts of JSCalendar doc and will discuss the rest during the week
* this week, continue with Xapian languages update
 - would like to get it to the point where we can experiment with it
* bug Michael reported with recurrence overrides - going to put a test together!
 - we'll try to recreate it

* the chat stuff sounded glastly at first, but seeing more, it seems pretty neat actually!
 - how will we implement it in JMAP?
 - could use EmailSubmission delivery status to show that it's been delivered and maybe even that it's been seen if permissions allow!
* been lots of pull requests recently, good quality, been merging them!
 - nice to see the community chipping in!

Planning to hold the meeting again next week.

Bron and Robert stayed on the call and confirmed the bug that Michael found. We'll work on it tomorrow.

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