Cassandane now requires read access to syslog as the cyrus user

Bron Gondwana brong at
Tue Aug 13 05:22:02 EDT 2019

I've just pushed some changes to Cassandane to scan syslog for known "badness" (basically anything with ERROR in it for now, but it's easy to add other things).

Unfortunately, that does require that the cyrus user can access the syslog. I've added the template to cassandane.ini.example to choose which file to look at, default is /var/log/syslog.

On my Ubuntu machine I just ran "adduser cyrus adm" to grant it access - I'm sure there's similar tricks on other machines, or syslog can be set up to send just cyrus data to a special file and point cassandane there.

This allows Instance to watch syslog and die if there are any unhandled IOERROR / DBERROR / SYNCERROR lines, which picks up new sets of bugs automatically :) There are a couple of cases already where I've put in tests which drain the syslog ($self->{instance}->getsyslog) and check for the errors they expect. There will need to be more, so some tests will be failing right now.



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