Notes Sep 17

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Sep 17 07:14:05 EDT 2018

Present: Bron, Robert, ellie, Partha 
Ken sick. 
 Next week - Bron, Robert and Ken will be in Karlsruhe for CalConnect.
* have been working on JMAP bugs all last week 
* will continue this week! Picking whatever issues tagged with "jmap" label on github 
* updating JSCalendar draft 
 - still some questions open, so CalConnect next week is a good time to close them. 
 - will send an updated draft this week. 
* nothing to report on Cyrus this week 
ellie: * fixed a crash in 3.0 today
* working on moving website to github pages 
* looking at bringing back annotatemore for 3.0 and 3.2 
 - it's still in 3.0, so just master to update 
 - not yet sure if config time option or compile time option - Bron: make it config, people can use upstream packages and code gets better tested if compiled. 
* mailing list: talked about annotatemore end-of-life and supporting existing users for longer while they migrate installed client base. 
* lots of JMAP stuff too! Been working on JMAP calendars, testing ACL edge cases, builds. 
* calendar shareWith - read from Cyrus, write in Perl (for now) 
* will be traveling for next three weeks (Karlsruhe, Philly, New York), so finishing up stuff in Melbourne. 
Next week: not sure if it will run as usual - depends on CalConnect schedule since 3 of us will be there. 
 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd 
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