Bring back ANNOTATEMORE support

Samir Aguiar samir.aguiar at
Fri Sep 14 10:17:35 EDT 2018

Hi Bron,

On 09/12/2018 03:49 AM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> Samir: what's your plan for moving those users to something which
> supports standard METADATA?  Because the downside of keeping on
> supporting a legacy ANNOTATEMORE in Cyrus is that somebody has to
> maintain that forever if you're never planning to get off it, either you
> or everyone else touching that code!

Yes, that's a fair point.

The plan is to update our client to use METADATA instead of
ANNOTATEMORE, while keeping support for both in the server. After this
we deprecate ANNOTATEMORE to signal customers that they should upgrade
their clients. This deprecation should happen mostly likely within two
years, and in the next years we will be removing it completely from the

Kind regards,
Samir Aguiar

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