Notes Sep 3

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Sep 3 07:28:12 EDT 2018

Present: Partha, Robert, ellie, Bron 
* This week - fixing github issues 
 - patching Calendar events will now work 
 - Mailbox query changes - every property is immutable, so there's no immutable sort, so have to issue a deleted for everything which has been touched, and then an added at the place where it is, if present 
* Reading the subscription code in IMAP, so can use the user.subs data for isSubscribed JMAP facility. 
 - by default, mailbox created over JMAP is being created unsubscribed. 
* Last week: 
 - did lazy loading of Email/get data 
* Made a pull request for zeroskip, not yet merged, but fails with -Wall because libzeroskip APIs expect everything unsigned char *. 
* Working a patch to convert all of cyrusdb to use unsigned char *! 
 - making sure all unit and cassandane tests are continuing to pass. 
* Microsoft's new kv database has benchmarks, trying to integrate them with libcyrusdb. 
* have set up, which will eventually get the real website moved to it. 
* have been working on a new 2.5 release and getting Cassandane working better with multiple versions. 
* converted Cassandane from tabs to spaces (like cyrus-imapd repo was a while back) 
* potentially use perltidy on the repo? Will check with perl experts. 
* added spamScore fetch item to avoid header parsing overhead and make fetching it faster. 
* cyr_expire: wasn't cleaning up tombstones, fixed that. 
* have been stracing and valgrinding common queries to speed things up. 
* working on making conversations parsing faster 
* at some point will get back to master-to-master sync code - have an in-progress branch 
 Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd 
 brong at 
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