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Hi All!

Robert, is your work on read-only cyrusdb locks somehow related to the 
global lock feature (


*From:* Robert Stepanek
*Sent:* Monday, November 26, 2018 18:40
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*Subject:* Notes - Nov 26 2018

Participants: Bron, Ellie, Ken, Partha, Robert

- Short week for US.
- Mainly working on mailbox by id. Some Cassandane tests fail, more a 
matter of fixing them instead Cyrus code.
- Annotations.db needs to use ids instead of mailbox names. Same for 
- RENAME should become fairly trivial, with reduced IO overhead.
- Before continuing with mailbox by id : need to update RFC drafts.
- Issue with building a SASL distribution on Fedora (due to Sphinx)

- New Cyrus rolled out yesterday, along with changes to frontend and 
- Fixed JMAP bugs that crept in with commits last week.

- IMAP labels patch updated after review, ready to merge.
- SASL: distcheck is flaky on Windows. Haven't looked into it, yet.

- Short week as well, was ill.
- Fixed JMAP bugs and updated JSCalendar v8 implementation.
- JSCalendar RFC is in last call at IETF!
- JMAP Quota patch updated. JMAP part is trivial, but quotamodseq 
touches lots of critical areas: sync, mboxevent, counters. Bron 
volunteered to review.
- Now working on read-only cyrusdb locks: only for cyrusdb_open and twoskip.

- Zeroskip is part of cyruslibs. Unit tests checked on
- How to inspect zeroskip binary format for debugging? Either use 
zeroskip-inluded tooling to dump db, or use cvt_cyrusdb binary.

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