Cyrus Meeting Minutes May 14, 2018

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon May 14 07:57:01 EDT 2018

Present: Bron, Ken, RobertS

*Next meeting: May, 28th.  **May 21 meeting is cancelled due to public
holiday and vacation.*
- Worked on making SAVEDATE safe for replication.

- Audited libical restrictions, making sure they are up to date (e.g.
  UID not required by RFC 2245, some old clients still omit UID).- Working on placeholder mailbox code. Creating a new mailbox type for
  mailbox.db. Mainly mailbox create code is impacted.
- Fixed remaining gaps between Cyrus JSCalendar code and RFC draft. Will
  follow up with JSCalendar comments on mailing list.- Implemented Email/parse. Updated email bodyStructure decompose
  algorithm to match latest JMAP Mail spec. Few tweaks here and there
  remaining, then it's good to go.
Improving JMAP performance for main use cases:
1. Cache thread id/email id mappings to improve requests.
2. Cache Email/query results. Plan to use cyrus.db API with tmpfs
   backend to cache binary blobs of search result.
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