Notes May 7

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon May 7 07:47:37 EDT 2018

* worked on some Cassandane stuff
* spent far too much time working out why smtpserver was playing up,
  seems maybe just a local issue* kept working on mailboxes.db stuff.
* looked at SASL a bit - waiting for feedback from Alexey, will probably
  release this week.  - RC today
  - final release Friday
* waiting for rest of feedback on LIST-MYRIGHTS before doing fixes
* expect something back on fcc too!  Bron will ask list for feedback
  - had already 
* implemented UNAUTHENTICATE in master, seems to work fine.  Would be
  good for murder.  - ellie: should it be only for admins?
  - text suggests: should only be used for admins.
  - security risk if non-admins, intermediate proxy may not be aware,
    and then connection is still available to user, who can authenticate
    to backend as another user without proxy checking for validity.
* Discussion about semi-synchronous replication.
* Github issue from FM - issue with mailbox with no parent.
  Assigned to Ken.  - could simplify the LIST code
  - Ken and Robert to look into
  - needed soon, so on 3.1.x
* added support for sentdate, which includes a version change for both
  cache and index  - created github issues around version upgrades, replication
    and costs.  - problem is: if replicating new field that replica doesn't support,
    creates CRC mismatches  - fix for now: make savedate optional and turned off by default, so
    can upgrade everything first before turning on  - better fix is to support storing in annotation for older versions,
    and seamlessly upgrade/downgrade without breaking CRCs.
* been implementing latest JSCalendar in Cyrus for the last week
  - more or less done
  - minor differences between Cyrus and spec still
  - with experience, can update JSCalendar RFC draft, will send
    out tomorrow  - will discuss with Daniel (IETF calext) when to schedule last call
  - make it overlap CalConnect and overlap IETF102 deadline to get
    more feedback.* JMAP Mail work - have implemented Email/parse - so can now look at
  attached emails.  - believe we are now feature complete for parts which are
    implemented in Cyrus  - missing feature: interim states (e.g. A => B, B => A mailbox
    renames)  - Ken: do we need it for reference implementation status?  Yes,
    we should!  - question: priority vs other things (calendar / contacts code
    cleanup)  - not implemented:
    + vacation responses (hook up sieve to JMAP)
    + JMAP notifications (push in-process)
    + Making EmailSubmission more sophisticated (means big change in how
      we work in Cyrus)  - discussion of future-scheduled events (e.g. snooze, undo send, etc)
* been picking at cassandane and the imapparse stuff but haven't made
  concrete progress* spent some time investigating moving the parse_ functions from imapd
  into imapparse.c so they can be tested  - would be a pretty big faff and the whole reason is to backport the
    eatline changes to 3.0  - amount of surgery before cunit can see them would be too much for a
    3.0.x release* spent a bunch of time reading about github pages for
  possible rehome
* just started working on splitting system flags in struct index_field.* other work was FM specific (mostly perl)

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  brong at

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