Meeting notes - July 23

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Jul 23 07:52:05 EDT 2018

Participants: Ellie, Ken, Partha, Robert

- Mainly dealing with mailing list discussions.
- Merged group RACL support on master branch.
- Works on getting Cyrus IMAP project website on Github Pages.

- Last week at IETF 102 in Montreal: JMAP websocket discussion went smooth. Will continue RFC draft.
- Reviewed mailbox.db changes with Bron
- Improved JMAP EmailSubmission SMTP error code handling
- Working on Contact avatars

- No Cyrus work last week, busy with FastMail-internal work.
- Will work on zeroskip integration. Current issue is integrating custom comparators.

- Upgraded JMAP calendar events to most of jscalendar-05 draft. Need to re-implement localization support.
- Fixed various JMAP bugs.
- Continue to work on JMAP bugs and feature requests that have piled up during Mailbox/set work. Once backlog is cleaned of quick-win work, start working on cached Email/query results.


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