Meeting report Jun 2

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Jul 2 08:06:41 EDT 2018

Present: Robert, Bron

Since there were just the two of us, we chatted about a few things:

Japan: Robert had a great time, it was lovely.

JS Calendar: Robert to ship an update with the changes from the mailing
list discussion today (in time for IETF Montreal)
Mailbox/set: Robert will keep working on this
 * we have a conversations lock for the entire time each MethodCall
   runs, so it's always going to appear atomic to the outside * will do a first pass check that things will probably succeed (and
   order them), then actually run the Mailbox actions. * if there's a failure during, then users might see intermediate
   states, but otherwise they won't show up in /changes any more with
   the new "added" code.
the double base64 incident: Robert felt bad about it because Email is so
key, and once it's corrupted it's hard to uncorrupt. * We didn't have tests that found it.  We now do :)
 * would be great to have more complete testing, not just bug testing as
   Cassandane has * will work on getting more full protocol coverage into JMAPTester
 * shit happens, it was found and fixed.  Don't feel too bad!

CREATEDMODSEQ: Bron has shipped that code to master and FastMail's future/staging branches * now have "added" on all /changes responses.
 * and queryState on all /query and /queryChanges.

Intermediate Mailboxes: Bron will chat with Ken about them.  Close to
ready to deploy.
Xapian: New version 1.4.6 is available with snippet support (even better than what we have) * Robert will try it out.
 * still need to apply our patches for full CJK support.


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  brong at

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