sync_client behaviour improvement planning

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we're only getting started with replication, so I can't contribute any 
useful comments, but your post raised two questions for me:

This only affects the "new", post-3.0 replication protocol, right? We're 
planning a migration from 2.4 to 3.0 using replication, and I'd like to be 
aware of all potential issues we might encounter.

> Hey - here's me posting something to the public list instead of internal
> FastMail slack.  We've been really bad at making our random ruminations
> public, sorry.
> Tomorrow (Tues 27th) 2pm Melbourne time, I'm going to be meeting with
> ellie and maybe Partha in the Melbourne office with a whiteboard and a
> screen to flesh out some ideas for things we can do to fix some of the
> issues that came up after a recent machine failure event at FastMail.


> b) there are over 1000 mailboxes, and the log file got deduplicated and
>    then run in sets, and we had this:
> sync_log MAILBOX Z
> sync_log MAILBOX B
> (for a rename of Z to B)

Where and when does deduplication happen?
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