Cyrus meeting minutes: Feb 20 2018

Nicola Nye nicola at
Mon Feb 19 16:41:47 EST 2018

Present: Partha, Ellie, Robert (rsto), Nic (onlight), Nicola, Jason (tibbs), Simon, Bron
So great chatting (text/voice) to everyone on the call and watching
momentum build as we work towards a compliant jmap implementation and
making life easier for future administrators.
Next meeting: same time next week. 9pm Monday Feb 26th

* Ellie and Nic B have been working on cleaning up issues raised
  on the list.
*Sync log configuration*: Nic B
* Possible problem with overloading sync_log for use with squatter and
  replication* There is an assumed default of "squatter", but we still require the
  user to define that via the sync_log_channel: directive.  In other
  words, they must set  "sync_log_channel: squatter" even to use the
  default.  The problem is that if the user does that, and they're
  already using rolling replication, we break their rolling
  replication, because the default empty-set sync_log_channel is now no
  longer assumed.* getting rid of the magic "" channel, and making "add to
  sync_log_channels" a mandatory step for every type of replication* master only: for 3.2, so we don't break existing configs
* ellie to file github issue and work on fixing for master

*Fedora packaging*: Jason
* gcc 8 updated, so now Cyrus won't build!
* possible fortify source checks failing? buffer overflow in master?
* cassandane test run 17 errors, 5 failures. 
* Working on getting better core dumps and gdb traces to work out
  what's going on* Jason to follow up with Robert

*Cyrus libs*:
* Breaking in Jenkins at, but works for Robert S,
  environment issues? Partha to check* Do we need to tag versions of cyrus libs? Yes - rsto/ellie/partha
  to work on
*Jmap*: Robert
* Refactor on hold: two big things coming. Change on email object type,
  transactional requirements of setX.* Need a way to order changes

*Governance*: Bron
* Bron is at M3AAWG this week, talking all things email

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