Operating system performance for Cyrus and one more question

Egoitz Aurrekoetxea egoitz at sarenet.es
Tue Dec 4 11:35:48 EST 2018

Good afternoon, 

Is there any noticiable operating systems whose syscalls, filesystems...
etc... could make Cyrus run faster?. We usually run it on FreeBSD and
are pretty happy. Perhaps newer versions run better in any Linux like

About Xapian, XCONV, Jmap... I have tried doing a search with my mailbox
in a new testing env, where I have connected a tesing mailbox imap
partition with messages and mailboxes, coming from an older version of
Cyrus. Even having Xapian, Conversations and so enabled, it does not
find messages newer than 3 month located in the Sent folder. Perhaps
Xapian, only works for new incoming messages?. Or should the mailboxes
be reconstructed in order to a search to find and show all messages from
a conversation existing in all mailboxes?. Or perhaps it's my mua's
fault and is not searching properly in the IMAP server, because is not
issuing some new commands to be used in order to make this kind of
search to be done by Cyrus?. 

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