Meeting notes - August 20, 2018

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Aug 20 07:51:45 EDT 2018

Participants: Bron, Ellie, Partha, RobertS

- Fixing Cyrus bugs for JMAP beta rollout: statuscache, strarray_add, ignoring deleted messages for threads, memory leaks.
- Currently working on reducing CPU load for reading index, turns out that's too expensive for large mailboxes.
- No current blocking issues for JMAP in Cyrus. Need to continue with performance improvements, though.

- Worked on couple of maintenance tasks in Cyrus.

- zeroskip now passes all unit tests! Currently working on making Cassandane tests pass.
- Couple of zeroskip issues fixed, e.g. sync problem when reusing inode numbers.
- Zeroskip  also builds and runs fine on MacOS

- Fixed bugs of updated Email/set batch code.
- Currently working on issues backlog, fixing quick wins on the go.
- Will contact calext chairs for JSCalendar final call this week.


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