cvt_xlist_specialuse does not work with subfolders

Dilyan Palauzov Dilyan.Palauzov at
Mon Aug 13 10:41:30 EDT 2018


you can use cyradm with setmetadata: .  It works the sameway on 3.0, despite the fact the 3.0's documentation is silent on this.

When making chnages on master, e.g. updating the documengation, please verify if they are relevant for 3.0 and in such case backport them.  

There is no \spam special use, it is \junk .


On August 13, 2018 6:53:06 AM PDT, Michael Menge <michael.menge at> wrote:
>We are testing the migration from Cyrus 2.4.20 to 3.0.7
>and have discovered a problem with cvt_xlist_specialuse
>(migration of the xlist-* options to specialuse annotations).
>Below are the important options from the imapd.conf of the current
>altnamespace: 1
>unixhierarchysep: 1
>xlist-sent: Mail.sent
>xlist-trash: Mail.trash
>xlist-drafts: Mail.drafts
>xlist-junk: Mail.v-spam
>xlist-spam: Mail.v-spam
>specialusealways: 1
>--- default ----
>virtdomains: off
>cvt_xlist_specialuse did only output
>will set \drafts for folders named Mail.drafts
>will set \sent for folders named Mail.sent
>will set \trash for folders named Mail.trash
>will set \junk for folders named Mail.s-spam
>will set \spam for folders named Mail.v-spam
>but was not able to find any mailboxes to update the annotation.
>First we suspected that with the changed default setting for
>the format of xlist- Options might have changed to unixhierarchysep as
>But setting
>xlist-sent: Mail/sent
>xlist-trash: Mail/trash
>xlist-drafts: Mail/drafts
>xlist-junk: Mail/v-spam
>xlist-spam: Mail/v-spam
>did only change the output of cvt_xlist_specialuse to
>will set \drafts for folders named Mail/drafts
>will set \sent for folders named Mail/sent
>will set \trash for folders named Mail/trash
>will set \junk for folders named Mail/s-spam
>will set \spam for folders named Mail/v-spam
>but it still didn't find any mailboxes to update the annotations.
>After changing the xlist- option to a direct folder of the INBOX e.g.
>cvt_xlist_specialuse was able to find the folder and set the
>Is there a way to set the specialuse annotations with cyradm or perl
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