Meeting notes - August 6, 2018

Robert Stepanek rsto at
Mon Aug 6 07:37:51 EDT 2018

Participants: Bron, Ken, Partha, Robert

- Squatter was indexing parts in #jmap folders, which led it skip indexing attachments of blob-equal real messages. This broke search. Fix is to ignore #jmap and other special mailboxes in squatter.
- Email submission failed for >1MB attachments. Fixed.
- Also fixed threading of JMAP emails.
- Added cache of JMAP myrights also for account-owned mailboxes.
- Plans to work on split-brain issue: Idea is to send tombstones over replication.
- Statuscache currently has an eviction problem for heavily shared folders. Working on it on feature branch but might pass work to the dev team.

- Consolidated JMAP code, including JMAP contacts (query now returns spec-compliant "ids" field)
- Worked on 3 RFC drafts: sieve, JMAP web sockets, tzdist.
- Implemented Sieve notification method tests. Hardcoded to mailto: notifications.
- Intermediate mailboxes IMAP list planned this week.

- Issue with setting up cunit cyrusdb tests with zeroskip. Probably related to shared library linking.
- Bron will look on feature branch. Robert will send deprecated LMDB cunit test setup for reference.

- Implemented Email/copy last week.
- Implemented bulk destroy for Email/set last week, as both Email/set#update and Email/set#destroy currently are performance bottlenecks.
- Works on Email/set#update in bulk operations currently. Goal is to minimize number of opening and closing mailboxes. Will require heavy refactor of Email/set#update code.

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