Notes 18 Sep

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Sep 18 08:17:01 EDT 2017

Present: Jeroen, Ken, Nicola, Partha, Robert, Bron

* past week mostly SASL stuff
* Added support for Channel Binding to Cyrus
* Hopefully fixed client-side ordering of mechanisms for the last time
* Autoconfig junk
* Planning to 5th release candidate of SASL midweek

* been working on JSCalendars RFC draft.  Going to send it out today.* pushed JMAP message submission on master branch
  - supports real SMTP backend
  - debugging backend (to a file for testing - is default)
  - sendmail executable (considering removing, but could be useful for
    some installations)* started working on Xapian indexdb improvements.  Will have a
  simplistic variant by today.* Contacts RFC: haven't worked on a document yet.  Could do before
  CalConnect, but might be a bit much in a rush.  - might be best to talk to Ron and Ribose people at CalConnect.

* didn't do much Cyrus work in the last week
* working on fixing build issues with latest Debian (autotools/makemaker
  and Perl modules)* Rik (FastMail perl dev) suggested a few things, but still not working.* Did a couple of dicerolls from last week.

* been pairing with Partha on FM backup system
* remove subscription on source of rename

* preparing to do some performance testing on Power 8
  - not sure exactly when they'll be testing it yet
  - certainly won't be happening for the next couple of weeks - maybe
    October some time.* interesting to compare x86 against Power 8.
* will be testing a whole environment.
* would be interesting to create some benchmark tests.
  - parallelisation could be a problem with a testing suite.
  - might need multiple client systems so you can truly load a system
    with 20-30k sessions in parallel.* User was able to rename over own INBOX the other day which
  broke things!  - will try to create a test to recreate it, then we can test a
* Small misc doc fixes from me, just going through github items.

And done in 15 minutes!  Record :)


  Bron Gondwana, CEO, FastMail Pty Ltd
  brong at

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